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由于网站产品逐渐更新中,当您选择的产品没有在产品列表中,您仍可以完成在线购物!当您在选择完您所需要的产品后,点击进入Go To Checkout,会出现Your Comments文档框,您可以在这里用中文或者英文直接输入您要补充购买的产品,或者通过邮件说明您的OrderID或者姓名)来补充添加网站上没有的产品,我们会尽快根据您留的电话,邮件或者威信信息和您取得联系!无须电话在和我们确认!如有不便请您谅解,同时也欢迎您提出意见!10/02/13
We are working hard to upload as much online items as we can for your online shopping. If you can't find the product you want, you can still finish your online shopping as same as you walk in. Simply select your products and CLICK Go To Checkout then you can ADD PRODUCT NAME or DESCRIPTION into text box of Your Comments to tell us the product which is not listed online. Or you can also email us via tell us what else you want to add into your online order with your Order ID and your name. Your comments are always welcome. 10/02/13


The shipping charge is £5.00 and will be collected by the delivery service if your shopping is under £50.00. Free Delivery applied with Shopping over £50.00. 

* Available in the area of Brighton & Hove.

For anyother areas, please email us on to find out the shipping rate.

        We are closed on the Xmas Day and Boxing Day and open until 5:00 pm on New Year. We are open on 24/12/15, 27/12/15 and New year day 01/01/2016 from 11:00am to 5:00pm 20/12/15


      富来轩中国超市祝所有华人朋友及客人春节快乐!May we wish all of our customer and Chinese students a happy Chinese New Year!26/01/14
NEWS: We are closed on the Xmas Day and Boxing Day and open until 5:00 pm on New Year. 10/12/13
通知: 我们将于圣诞节休业两天,如您需要购物,请您提前访问!圣诞节期间至元旦新年,网络商店提供预定莱取服务,暂不接受送货服务!如果有不便,请您谅解!10/12/13
恭贺: 富来轩中国超市祝所有华人朋友及客人中秋节快乐!May we wish all of our customer and Chinese students a happy Chinese Mid-Autumn Day/ Chinese Moon Festive!16/09/13
打折促销:为答谢各位顾客的支持,网上购物均可享受10%折扣,无购物数额限制!购物£50.00之内需支付运费,优惠日期从01/10/2013至15/10/2013。具体请见Shipping Rates16/09/13 
消息:网上购物从5月1日起,网上购物均可享受5%折扣,无论是送货服务还是在线预定后来店面取货,无购物限额限制!购物£50.00之内需支付运费,优惠截止至31/06/2013。具体请见Shipping Rates30/04/13 
消息:网上购物无论是送货服务还是在线预定后来店面取货,均可享受10% 折扣,无购物数额限制!购物£50.00之内需支付运费,优惠截止至30/04/2013。具体请见Shipping Rates05/03/13 
恭贺: 富来轩中国超市祝所有华人朋友及客人春节快乐!08/02/13
NEWS: Fortune Online Shop is newly openning. We are aiming to bring as much products as we can on our online shop and still working hard with local delivery corporate to make your online shoping more convenience.20/12/12
消息: 富来轩中国超市为我们的客人提供更方便更快捷的购物方式,正在努力的建造在线网络商店,并随逐渐添加更多的在线商品。如您没有找到您想选购的产品,请您访问我们超市或及时通知我们,我们将为您尽力添加尽可能多的产品。由于试运作,在线产品如有不全,请您谅解!20/12/12
NEWS: We are closed on the Xmas Day and Boxing Day and open until 5:00 pm on New Year. 20/12/12
通知: 我们将于圣诞节休业两天,如您需要购物,请您提前访问!圣诞节期间至元旦新年,网络商店提供预定莱取服务,暂不接受送货服务!如果有不便,请您谅解!20/12/12
INFO: Free Delivery in Brighton and Hove Area with an Order over £50.00. A Delivery Charge Applied with Order Under £50.00 and with Nationalwide Delivery Addresses. Please Click "Shipping Rates" in the footer naviation bar to find out or Contact us for the details of Delivery Terms and Conditions.30/11/12
通知: 凡在线购物50磅以上在Brighton & Hove 地区我们提供免费送货。其他地区和购物限额将参考以下送货费用表,此送货费用表是由当地送货快递公司提供并修改!运输送货费用表在下方"ShippingRates"。如有问题请您联系我们
INFO: Free Online Order System. We can keep all your online shopped product within 7 days to wait your collection. Please Note, when you click "Go to checkout", amend the shipping method as Collection. 30/11/12
通知: 凡您可以用在线商店进行产品预定,我们将会保留您所需要的产品,并保留7天时间,您可以选择您方便的日期来超市领取并付款。*在选择购物时,请您更改送货方式为Collection. 30/11/12